eXtreme365: Putting Microsoft partners first since the very beginning

It was a love of product and recognizing a need for Partner understanding of business tools that led to the formation of what’s now eXtreme365, the premier Partner event for business applications Partner insight and readiness.

“We’ve always seen great opportunity for Partners. Since day one, the goal of eXtreme events has been to help Partners grow their practice and embrace the newest technologies,” says Christy Spokely, founder and most recently CEO of eXtreme365, now vice president of Partner strategy at Dynamic Communities.

eXtreme365 merged earlier this year with Dynamic Communities to create a more focused approach for both customers and Partners in the business applications channel.

eXtreme365 Austin is the next event. The deep-dive Partner-premium event, The Executive Exchange, is December 2 and 3. The main conference, with more than 100 sessions designed for Partner executive insight and technical and sales readiness is December 3 through 6. You can find more information and register at http://extreme365.com/events-austin.

eXtreme LLC began in 2009 by former Microsoft leaders Christy Spokely and John Verdon. John and Christy had many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics and the channel. Upon leaving Microsoft, they immediately saw the need for a community event that was entrepreneurial but young and working with what was then an immature product.

The goal was simple: to host an event to provide education and networking opportunities for the Microsoft Dynamics community. The mission of the organization was to deliver an impactful conference for Partners that was designed by Partners to ultimately help Partners grow their practices. And that mission, through all the growth and product evolution, remains the same today.

With the goals set, they quickly formed an advisory board from within the Partner community. This group of community leaders provided and continues to provide valuable strategic direction regarding every aspect of the event as well as providing critical community reach.

The first event drew more than 300 attendees to Las Vegas in October 2010 for three days. It was an exciting venture, with positive participant feedback and oodles of ideas to consider for future events.

The success quickly piqued the interest of the Microsoft EMEA team, and within four months the first eXtremeCRM EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) event was held in Prague in 2011 with even greater numbers.

Now 16 events later, eXtreme365 is poised for unprecedented growth and an increased capability to provide both education and opportunity for Microsoft business applications Partners.

From the start, it became clear the value of the eXtreme conference was different than any other conference available.

With tremendous support from Microsoft, the depth of learning was intense and always forward-thinking. The expertise of speakers and sessions leaders made it an essential stop for Microsoft Partners.

The added value of in-conference events like the Executive Exchange and the App Innovation Challenge extended the depth of knowledge and the capability to provide information participants could take home and implement immediately in their practice.

Significant keynotes always drove community understanding of the Microsoft vision and roadmap going forward.
In 2016, extremeCRM became eXtreme365 to align with Microsoft’s strategy and began to address the Microsoft Dynamics 365 workstreams and the business cloud platform.

In 2017, eXtreme365 Lisbon became the first event with a separate customer component. That drove event attendance to new heights as well.

“For Partners to be successful and maximize the huge opportunity in front of them, they must stay ahead of all the changes,” says Christy.

But the joy of planning eXtreme events is also the challenge.

“We work increasingly close with both Partners and Microsoft to ensure our agenda reflects the growth of the business applications platform and products as well as meeting the expressed challenges of those Partners,” says Christy. “It’s complicated, but it’s essential, and we strongly believe eXtreme continues to bring great value to Partners bridging that Partner-Microsoft relationship.”

“We believe real-world solutions with real-time application update information are essential to any Partner optimizing their business practice,” she continues.

So where does eXtreme go next?

eXtreme has traditionally had two events each year, one in the U.S. and one in Europe. Now, eXtreme plans to extend Partner educational events to more locations across the globe.

Now part of the Dynamic Communities family, eXtreme has greater opportunities for a progressively focused approach of deep-dive events for Partners—new channels to serve the Partner community.

“I can’t stress this enough: If Partners win, we win. It’s incredibly important to provide Partner-driven conferences with agendas that are innovative, provide real-time tool views, and optimize Partner success,” Christy explains.

She concludes, “I can’t wait to see everyone at eXtreme365 Austin!”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have more opportunities than ever to succeed and grow by building and delivering solutions that help customers. At eXtreme365, partners can learn about those opportunities and give feedback about working with Microsoft. If participating in high-quality leadership and learning sessions, and networking with peers and Microsoft is important, I encourage you to attend eXtreme365.”
– Cecilia Flombaum, Lead, One Commercial Partner strategy and implementation
As a partner who has attended eXtreme conferences since 2012, I have always received great value from joining the conference. The eXtreme experience is unique, as it is 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and the Intelligent Business Cloud and delivers content that adds value in the real world. This real life perspective equips me to be more successful in helping my customers and growing my business. I also find it’s a fantastic place to connect with ISVs”
– Felix Robitaille, XRM Vision
eXtreme365 offers tremendous opportunity for learning through in-depth sessions on Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud platform. With new ISV solutions and expanding platform capabilities it’s critical for the technical community and business leadership to keep informed. The expert instruction at eXtreme365 and ability for one-on-one dialogue with Microsoft and other experts in the ecosystem is invaluable.
– Gert Vonck, Chief Dreamer, Appfie

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