Dubrovnik rich in history modern-day appeal

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When you walk the streets of the walled city of old Dubrovnik you are magically transformed to another time. A time of great significance in shaping the future. A time of great accomplishment, great forethought and overcoming the massive challenges of war, pestilence and geography.

You will not find a more beautiful historic vista that this gem off the Adriatic Sea.

There is a reason it is the setting for Game of Thrones with spectacular architecture and vistas, in a town which dates back to the 7th century.

It’s a fitting inspiration for eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners (19-21 March) and for Customers (21-22 March). Digital transformation is changing business practices, it’s changing the marketplace, it’s changing the world. And for five days the Dynamics 365 community with descend upon this city of 40,000 to plot new courses, to accelerate their learning and to leave refreshed and invigorated with the promise of a new bright future.

Here are six fantastic destinations you won’t want to miss in Dubrovnik:

Big Onofrio’s Fountain – located near Pile Gate this beautiful piece of history was built between 1428 and 1440, named after the founder of the city’s water supply. Water comes from an aqueduct system with the source 12 km away. The fountain’s water pours gracefully through q6 gargoyle heads.

The 16th century stone wall – It will take 90 minutes to walk the stone wall encircling the old city wall three attached forts. You will climb the heights to a most enchanting view of the area and soak in the history of three accompanying fortresses. You will enjoy a stradum of shops and restaurants.

The Rector’s Palace – An outstanding example of gothic and the renaissance, in Dubrovnik’s Old City is decorated with intricate stone carvings and beautiful architecture. A turbulent history of war and fire and earthquakes has led to continuous reconstruction, leaving a unique visage reflective of the many architects and many periods hosting reconstruction.

Ploce Gate (Gate of Ploče) – On the walled city’s east side is the bridged Ploce Gate is the gate into the walled city of Dubrovnik located on the east side of the city. Visitors must pass over two short bridges before entering the city. The gate, built in the 15th century, offers a spectacular view of the old port.

Saint Saviour Church – Built between 1500 and 1528, this is one of only a few buildings in Dubrovnik to survive the massive earthquake that occurred in 1667. It also survived bombing during the recent military conflict with the former Yugoslavia. The modest renaissance architecture was an inspiration to many others in the region.

Small Onofrio’s Fountain – A masterful sculptural achievement, the fountain is located on Luza Square near the city clock tower in Dubrovnik Croatia. The ornate fountain was designed by Onofrio della Cava and build between 1440 and 1442. The sculpting work was done by Petar Martinov.

It’s a fantastic mix of the old and the new.

It’s the fusion of the rich history of Dubrovnik, meshed with the cutting edge technological advances to be discussed at eXtreme365 that make this event both a wonderful individual experience, both from a touristic and a business point of view.

Take the leap and join us for eXtreme365 for Partners (19-21 March and for Customers (21-22 March).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have more opportunities than ever to succeed and grow by building and delivering solutions that help customers. At eXtreme365, partners can learn about those opportunities and give feedback about working with Microsoft. If participating in high-quality leadership and learning sessions, and networking with peers and Microsoft is important, I encourage you to attend eXtreme365.”
– Cecilia Flombaum, Lead, One Commercial Partner strategy and implementation
As a partner who has attended eXtreme conferences since 2012, I have always received great value from joining the conference. The eXtreme experience is unique, as it is 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and the Intelligent Business Cloud and delivers content that adds value in the real world. This real life perspective equips me to be more successful in helping my customers and growing my business. I also find it’s a fantastic place to connect with ISVs”
– Felix Robitaille, XRM Vision
eXtreme365 offers tremendous opportunity for learning through in-depth sessions on Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud platform. With new ISV solutions and expanding platform capabilities it’s critical for the technical community and business leadership to keep informed. The expert instruction at eXtreme365 and ability for one-on-one dialogue with Microsoft and other experts in the ecosystem is invaluable.
– Gert Vonck, Chief Dreamer, Appfie

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