Are you a Dynamics 365 expert?

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Could you present your knowledge to others – and become one of the “go-to” speakers in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem?

Here are some tips to being a great conference session presenter.

  1. Present unique session content – If folks have heard your pitch elsewhere they’re likely not to come back next time you present. They want you to be fresh and innovative at all times.
  2. Speak to the level of the attending audience – Technical sessions at the eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners event, for instance,  will be conducted at the 300 – 400 level and contain content that is difficult to find in other places.
  3. Be technical in a technical session, it’s the language your participants speak! – Showing code during the Partner event is encouraged in the 300 level and expected in the 400 level.
  4. Sales & Presales sessions – Focus on the Intelligent Business Cloud value proposition, demonstration tips and tricks, competitive selling and closing the deal.
  5. When talking marketing  – Address the topics of digital marketing and adapting your marketing strategy to the behaviors of today’s customer.
  6. Use real-world examples whenever possible. – If you use examples your audience can emotionally connect to, you’d done your job. And stick to current or cutting edge trends and examples, don’t relive the distant past.
  7. Keep in good touch with the event host It helps you ensure your presentation meets their needs and the audience expectation.
  8. Be ready to share – Presenters should be willing to share any code presented and not violate any IP restrictions from customers. This might mean a code rewrite if necessary.
  9. Keep your session educational – Your audience wants to take value away from your presentation – and you want to make your knowledge as useful as possible.

If you think you have the goods we’ll soon be looking for speakers for eXtreme365 Austin Dec. 3-7. Get your thoughts together now!

If you are in the Dynamics 365 and Intelligent Business Cloud community, you’ll want to attend these events, known for tremendous content, expert instruction and much to take home to further your partner practice or company use of Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have more opportunities than ever to succeed and grow by building and delivering solutions that help customers. At eXtreme365, partners can learn about those opportunities and give feedback about working with Microsoft. If participating in high-quality leadership and learning sessions, and networking with peers and Microsoft is important, I encourage you to attend eXtreme365.”
– Cecilia Flombaum, Lead, One Commercial Partner strategy and implementation
As a partner who has attended eXtreme conferences since 2012, I have always received great value from joining the conference. The eXtreme experience is unique, as it is 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and the Intelligent Business Cloud and delivers content that adds value in the real world. This real life perspective equips me to be more successful in helping my customers and growing my business. I also find it’s a fantastic place to connect with ISVs”
– Felix Robitaille, XRM Vision
eXtreme365 offers tremendous opportunity for learning through in-depth sessions on Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud platform. With new ISV solutions and expanding platform capabilities it’s critical for the technical community and business leadership to keep informed. The expert instruction at eXtreme365 and ability for one-on-one dialogue with Microsoft and other experts in the ecosystem is invaluable.
– Gert Vonck, Chief Dreamer, Appfie

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