Flombaum: Here’s how Partners seize the Microsoft challenge

With over a year under her belt as One Commercial Partner Business Applications business lead at Microsoft, Cecilia Flombaum shares what trends she’s seeing work for Microsoft Partners, challenges Partners are encountering, and advice to help Partners of every size take advantage of Microsoft’s strategy and the opportunities that lie ahead. Dynamic Communities, Inc. (DCI): [...]

Why is eXtreme365 the place for ISVs?

The fast-pace of change for Dynamics 365 and Intelligent Business Cloud makes an eXtreme365 conference the must attend event for Microsoft ISVs. It’s a critical year for Microsoft and ISVs to align on the joint opportunity! That’s why an eXtreme365 conference is a critical event to help you develop your understanding of the Microsoft roadmap [...]

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Tech community thrives at eXtreme365 events

It's been a busy year for the Dynamics 365 technical community. With the fast evolving business tool and the new capabilities that you need to be aware of with every build, every matching of Dynamics 365 components, it's essential to keep up with the latest learnings, the latest sessions for skills development. That's where eXtreme365 [...]

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eXtreme365: Helping Partners keep pace with Microsoft’s evolving strategy

The smoke from the constant, continuing evolution of Dynamics 365 will  clear. It really will. But it takes time. And it's essential for Microsoft Partners to keep attuned to the newest information, the newest directions and to understand the absolute best ways they can benefit from Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud. The evolution [...]

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11 reasons the NAV community attend eXtreme365 Dubrovnik (19-21 March)

With Dynamics 365 comes sweeping change. There's new functionality and new opportunity for the NAV community. But with such massive change comes the need for reconnection, education and understanding of how this all affects the traditional Microsoft NAV Partner today and in the future. That's what makes eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners a critical event. Below [...]

12 sessions Finance and Operations (AX) Partners must attend at eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (AX) community can drive and thrive with the diverse agenda of sessions at eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners, 19-21 March. Partners face multiple challenges on the road to future growth and success. Partners must understand the entirety of the Dynamics 365 stack and the Microsoft road map for the [...]

Dynamics advocates and industry veterans to lead eXtreme365 Executive Exchange in Dubrovnik

Peter A. Jensen and Trevor Nimegeers have been named facilitators of the eXtreme365 Dubrovnik Executive Exchange (19-21 March). The Executive Exchange is a premium two-day experience held during eXtreme365 conferences, designed to help a select and limited group of Microsoft Partners navigate the changes to Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud, as well as [...]

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Dubrovnik rich in history modern-day appeal

When you walk the streets of the walled city of old Dubrovnik you are magically transformed to another time. A time of great significance in shaping the future. A time of great accomplishment, great forethought and overcoming the massive challenges of war, pestilence and geography. You will not find a more beautiful historic vista that [...]

Here’s why Dynamics CRM partners will attend eXtreme365 Dubrovnik

Partners know Dynamics CRM's value at the centre of the business process universe. With new capabilities and functions constantly added to the Dynamics 365 product, it's critical to know about the new benefits, new relationships with Microsoft, to make sure you optimize your Partner practise. eXtreme365 Dubrovnik is your opportunity to build on product knowledge [...]

One Commercial Partner detail revealed at eXtreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners

Microsoft’s Cecilia Flombaum will keynote on One Commercial Partner – and the new relationship between Microsoft and Partners – at extreme365 Dubrovnik for Partners 19-21 March. Flombaum is lead on the Business Application Strategy team for One Commercial Partner with worldwide responsibility, appointed in August 2017. In this role she is responsible for capacity planning, [...]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have more opportunities than ever to succeed and grow by building and delivering solutions that help customers. At eXtreme365, partners can learn about those opportunities and give feedback about working with Microsoft. If participating in high-quality leadership and learning sessions, and networking with peers and Microsoft is important, I encourage you to attend eXtreme365.”
– Cecilia Flombaum, Lead, One Commercial Partner strategy and implementation
As a partner who has attended eXtreme conferences since 2012, I have always received great value from joining the conference. The eXtreme experience is unique, as it is 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and the Intelligent Business Cloud and delivers content that adds value in the real world. This real life perspective equips me to be more successful in helping my customers and growing my business. I also find it’s a fantastic place to connect with ISVs”
– Felix Robitaille, XRM Vision
eXtreme365 offers tremendous opportunity for learning through in-depth sessions on Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud platform. With new ISV solutions and expanding platform capabilities it’s critical for the technical community and business leadership to keep informed. The expert instruction at eXtreme365 and ability for one-on-one dialogue with Microsoft and other experts in the ecosystem is invaluable.
– Gert Vonck, Chief Dreamer, Appfie

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